A look at Texas mental health services

For numerous people throughout the United States, 80$ per session for a personal counselor is simply too much money. In Texas, they have a system that helps take care of clients who cannot afford a confidential counselor or mental health services such as medications, and psychiatric hospitalization.

They offer psychiatric medicines at diminished or no expense to people in need. This system is a subdivision of the Texas Department of Human Services.

Unfortunately, many people are the variety that is only there for the paycheck and are not seriously interested in helping their clients or patients. This is a review on some of the private institutions in Texas and how they are lacking.

Helen Farabee CenterĀ (previously called MHMR)

This group of networks that provide medications and counseling to clients for little to no costs. At Helen Farabee, they only offer you one psychiatrist and a counselor. Unfortunately, there is not much use for the counselor since all that they can do is sit and listen. Some counselors don’t even give you their input. The only truly good thing about the program is that the medicines are free and you don’t have to hunt them down. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks.

Sometimes it can take weeks for them to receive clients’ medications. They are under-staffed and lacking in qualifications. Sometimes you will go six months without seeing your counselor.

Oceans (formerly Abilene Behavioral Health and Acadia)

Oceans is a private psychiatric hospital in Abilene, TX. Last year, it took over the psychiatric hospital that was previously at the location which was formerly known as both Abilene Behavioral Health and Acadia. Oceans is a great place, for the most part, and the workers are very warm and friendly. There are, of course, a few workers who are just there for the paycheck but over-all Oceans provide a safe place to transition between medicines and a program that helps its clients.


Texas 2-1-1 is a number you can call to see what services are available to you through the state and how you can go about attaining them. 2-1-1 helps you not only find mental health resources but also assists you by applying for SNAP and other programs such as Light Up Texas.


There has been a silent acknowledgment that Millwood out of Arlington, TX is a poor choice if you are looking to recover from suicide attempts or seeking help for self-harm. Millwood has rude workers and little to no therapy sessions. Whereas other mental health services such as Oceans and Red River allow you to smoke up to 5-10 times a day, you only get to go out into the courtyard twice a day.


Needs to Improve and Strive for Reform

With the rise of people who have mental illnesses, at the very least, the system needs to make some changes. With people getting beat up, items getting “misplaced,” and verbal and physical abuse from the workers, Texas Department of Human Services needs to crack down on cases and strive for reform to protect all the people with mental-health problems.