Our Crew

There is so much gibberish online that many uninformed persons churn out with reckless abandon as they purport to inform and educate innocent, unknowing readers.

Unfortunately, the technology field is one of the hardest-hit areas by fake experts, and the result is misleading of the audience and lack of trust in online resources. 

Kevin Briody seeks to correct these wrongs through an independent presentation of information birthed from long hours of research, interviewing tech experts, and carrying experiments. We also engage experts from various fields such as telecommunication, automobile manufacturing, food production, and others to write in-depth pieces for our audience. 

We commit to bringing you factual and accurate articles on various tech matters such as apps, machines, energy sources, etc. You will also learn of the latest tech world since we will inform of the newly launched products like smartphones and home appliances. You can count on us for comprehensive tech information. 

Welcome aboard, and lets together get down to Shaping Tech Geeks!