Applications for Your Rooted Phone


You may even have rooted it to create a custom ROM or to optimize your new phone’s battery. If you are trying to get the best programs such as vShare on your phone, you have come to the right place. Find the best programs for your smartphone and utilize the potential of your phone.


With Greenify, you can select which applications should be put into sleep mode. Greenify is the most critical application on my list because it quickly and efficiently increases your smartphone’s battery life. It is an extremely simple application, and its vital function is to turn off desktop applications. It can also hibernate your applications to select applications like Facebook and WhatsApp. If you don’t put them to sleep, applications will drain the battery when not in use. That’s why this program is top-rated among many customers.

Titanium Backup

With Titanium Backup, you can copy applications manually, and Titanium Backup is the application for people who are deeply rooted in their smartphones. Here is the ideal application for data and ROM backup. You can also automatically schedule backups, suspend applications, turn them into user applications, and much more.

ROM Manager

ROM Manager is an excellent program for all those fans who want to see new ROMs and try out new Android versions on their smartphones. This system provides you with a list of all the famous ROMs on your device. You can also download them from this application, which will save you a lot of time searching for ROMs online.

RAM Booster


The RAM booster supports the operating speed of the phone by compensating for unnecessary usage. Or does the phone reboot when you use it a lot? This is the ideal application for you. RAM Booster lurks in your phone’s RAM and eliminates unnecessary use of desktop applications, leaving more RAM available for the applications you use. This program is essential if you want more speed on your phones.

Solid Explorer


Here is the best file manager available in the industry. This browser’s idea is merely brilliant: the program provides only two panels placed in the image view. This usually means that you can copy and paste or move a file from one pane to another. It also has additional functions such as an FTP connection, etc.