Factors to Consider When Choosing an Energy-Efficient Water Heater


According to the latest article, there are different shower habits in various countries. With advanced technology, various energy-efficient water heaters are introduced to the market that can be used when taking a shower. Are you aware that around 20% of the house’s energy consumption is used to heat water? There are about 80 million houses in the United States, and homeowners pay about $24 billion a year heating water, releasing about 192 weights of carbon dioxide into the surroundings and the environment. If each home replaced its energy-efficient water heater, including a high-efficiency version, every household would save thousands of dollars a year and remove more than 100 million weights of carbon dioxide from the air. They would have more cash in their pockets and much more fresh air to breathe; it’s a win-win circumstance.

If you desire to make your house greener, using an energy-efficient water heater is a good way to make a difference. If you have to consider the purchase price only, getting a new water heater could be extremely simple. It is wise to consider each model’s purchase price in combination with the following things to consider. Here are the following factors to consider when choosing an energy-efficient water heater for your home:

Heating Range and Flow Rate


When you purchase a tank water heater, you should discover its “first hour test” (FHR) looks. If your FHR does not exceed your home’s hot water consumption during rush hour, you can look for a different water heater with a higher heating range. If you buy a water heater without a tank, check whether its leakage rates can meet your maximum hot water requirement. Unfortunately, other inflatable versions cannot provide enough hot water for contemporary applications such as showering and laundry.

Performance and Operating Price

Understanding the water heater’s operating price and the time it demands to heat water can help you choose the be one that suits your preference. Various models are more cost-effective than others, and it can be a great option to choose from.

Installation Fee

A water heater is not some furniture you can put where you need it, like in the living room. Some high-tech models require assistance, which can be quite expensive. Some technicians, who you have commissioned for years for low-cost service, may not be effective indoors. To ensure you can cover all costs, always add installation costs to the price before purchase. There may be some small and large malfunctions, so warranty coverage is an added essential aspect to consider.