The Impact of Technology on Music

a lady playing guitar

Man has always been a music lover from time immemorial, and no culture didn’t dance to some tune. Through music, humans have expressed their deepest emotions: love, hate, happiness, sorrow, and others. Music has also taken center stage in educating people on various values and vices and mobilizing people to act somehow.
Moreover, music has become a great marketing medium. However, music has been greatly influenced by technology, both positively and negatively.

Here are some ways in which technology has impacted music:

Better Production

singerThe process of producing music has significantly improved, thanks to technological advancement. From the instruments to recording, technology has had a great influence on music. Some ground-breaking musical instruments have emerged in the past century that have fascinated music lovers and even non-enthusiasts.

The emergence of the electric guitar, for example, changed the music world because it was part of making some of the biggest songs and has been at the center of performances across the globe. There have also been electronic instruments that have been used in various genres. Recording studios have also evolved from analog to digital, and computers have eased the production.

Improved Distribution

youtubeUnlike the good old days when music was distributed in cassettes, CDs, and other hard copy media, music distribution today has become pretty easy with the various option available. With networks interlinked by technology, musicians can now reach big audiences and across the globe through online streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Sound Cloud, and many other streaming sites.

Music sharing and accessibility have become so easy and convenient. The wide reach also enables musicians to experiment with various sounds and expressions because of the different audiences. Technology has also helped cut the advertising budget since through multiple platforms, the musicians can reach many people without spending a dime.

Piracy or Illegal Distribution

playing music on compMusicians with a desire to make a reasonable income from their music face one big challenge: piracy. In common language, this is theft of music and depriving the owners of the chance to benefit from their handwork. In professional terms, piracy is the illegal duplication and distribution of music without the copyright holders’ official approval.

Piracy was low from the 1920s, but it exploded in the 1980s when MP3 was invented. Music became easily accessible to all with computers and connectivity to the internet, making musicians and producers suffer massive losses.